Born in Dallas, Texas in 1969 and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Mike Boden’s first introduction to photography began at a very young age during summer camp. Many extra-curricular activities were offered, and Mike was torn between rock climbing and photography. He elected to pursue photography and was eventually introduced to rock climbing during his college years. This was when Mike’s passion for his natural surroundings flourished, and he started to see the world from a unique perspective.

Mike pursued his undergraduate studies in Telecommunications and Film at San Diego State University. Although he had an emphasis in post-production sound for film and television, he continued with his photographic interest through the many classes offered in the film department. It was here that Mike learned the techniques of a traditional darkroom, and perfected his craft by studying master filmmakers and cinematographers.

Throughout the years, Mike’s passion has grown and matured to the point where he ventured into large-format photography, which ultimately led to building his own darkroom. This allowed his creative vision and meticulous attention to detail to thrive.

Presently, as newer digital technology has evolved, precision and exacting control of the images has likewise developed, and Mike has embraced this whole-heartedly. Mike continues to use film predominately, yet feels that the range of control in a digital workflow meets his vision harmoniously. He drum scans all film with a Howtek 4500 and processes images in a digital darkroom with final prints to an Epson inkjet printer.