Time is relative. Time is elusive. Time is dimensional. Time is change. The present moment coincides with the past. With the immediate always at hand, one can also look into the cosmos at time long ago.

Space is unlimited. Space is incalculable. Space is grand. It is a great three-dimensional realm, an expanse that is all-encompassing. All material objects and events occur within this borderless arena.

This body of work explores the concept of time and how it relates to space. With long exposure and intentional manipulation of the camera, these images cross the boundary between space and time. A new dimension is created which beckons the viewer to question. What time is it? What space is this?

While this imagery is influenced by the body of work, “Sunburn,” by photographer, Chris McCaw, SPACETIME is not intended as direct reference to any artist or artwork.

All images are made in-camera with B&W film. What is depicted is exactly what the camera has seen.