Culver City, California

Nuptials – Image 10/10
The final image in this series of photos, which was part of our wedding table centerpiece, was photographed on a rock in our backyard. As a symbol of our bond in marriage, we tied them together with a ribbon. But there is another meaning with the ribbon that references an event we implemented during the middle of our ceremony. Before the guests arrived, we set the stage by looping a long ribbon throughout the seating and up and down the length of each row. Then before the ceremony concluded, we asked everyone to pick up the ribbon as we strung it through our rings and handed them to the first guest near us. They were asked to slide the rings down the ribbon to the next guest, thus allowing everyone to see and touch them. This took quite some time, but my wife and I really enjoyed the experience of standing in front of the crowd and watching the event unfold. With the proverbial tables turned for a brief time, our family and friends were no longer watching us as we witnessed their reactions and soaked in our memorable day. It was a great moment of pause in what could otherwise become a blur.
Now I must be the luckiest man to have met and married my wife. Not only is she kind and generous and beautiful, but she’s a great photographer. So it was very fitting that we came together for this project and photographed images for our wedding. We are both quite proud of the series.
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