The Buttermilks

I love photographing clouds, no matter whether they’re complex with texture or simple and ethereal. On this particular evening, the alpine glow at sunset was spectacular, and the landscape filled with the most beautiful light. What caught my eye and motivated me to take this shot was the ray-like streaks of clouds that stretched into the sky. Obviously, this isn’t something I could have planned for. But my readiness with the camera allowed intuition to take over and I was able to photograph the scene before the magic disappeared. I like the simplicity of this image and how it makes the landscape feel small yet grand at the same time. This duality creates a contrasting interest that draws me in. How does it make you feel?
This image was made in foothills above The Buttermilks, West of Bishop, CA. It was made with T-MAX 400 on a Hasselblad 501cm medium format camera. #thisismycommunity #followthedream #believeinfilm #mikebodenphoto