Grant Lake

Behind the scenes setup of my Hasselblad 501CM for the Rush Creek photograph that I showed on December 29, 2016. As you can see here, the light is hard with the mountain on the right lit from high left causing long shadows, the mountain on the left in shade, and the distant mountain in hazy light. A slight backlight illuminated the valley floor, which created more definition in the grass detail.
As I sat perched on this exposed cliff, I waited about two hours for the light to flood the valley floor. I also wanted to make sure that the mountain on the right was fully lit so that the three mountains were separate in tone. Additionally, I used a Singh-Ray circular polariser to remove the glare from the water, which caused it to go dark in tone, and a Lee Filters Yellow #8 to lighten the tone of the yellow grass and create more contrast between it and the dirt. I feel that I was successful in the final image and hope you agree. It’s one of my favorites.