Bishop, California

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Bishop, California

Territory. Protecting. Limitations. Barriers. Rules. These can all be attributed to the meaning of a fence in dreams, stories, or even everyday life. With regards to photography, it seems that one must learn the “rules” of a good image when starting out. At least that’s what we’re told. There’s the rule of thirds, negative space, symmetry, patterns, leading lines, tangential lines, and so forth. How many of you actually follow these rules or perhaps break them intentionally? For me, I don’t think about rules so much anymore. Instead, I follow my instinct and intuition so that the image feels “right” to me, and this practice holds true from inception to final output. My hope is that that feeling is ultimately conveyed to the viewer, for only then is my image truly successful.
This image was made near Bishop, CA. It was created using T-MAX 400 on a Hasselblad 501cm medium format camera. #thisismycommunity #followyourdreams #believeinfilm #mikebodenphoto

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