The Buttermilks

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The Buttermilks

While scouting one day in the foothills above The Buttermilks, which is a climbing area West of Bishop, CA, I stumbled across this subject. I was immediately drawn to the spider-like limbs of this burnt bush as it crawled over a boulder. I took a cell pic and made a mental note to photograph it later when I returned with a film camera. Later that afternoon, however, I couldn’t find it, and I felt defeated. So I resigned to accept my cell image and moved on with other shots. But fortune was with me that day, because I stumbled upon it once again while setting up for a different shot. Was it difficult to find because it crawled it’s way over to a different boulder? Perhaps. The mountains are certainly a mysterious place. I guess this is my lucky spider. .
This image was made in The Buttermilks, West of Bishop, CA. It was made with T-MAX 400 on a Toyo 4×5 view camera. #thisismycommunity #followthedream #believeinfilm #mikebodenphoto

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